Case study: Toppan Container, Saitama, Japan
Dialight’s world-leading industrial LED wins support in Japan

Installation snapshot

• Mounting height: 7m
• (74) x 250W Mercury Vapour High Bays Replaced one-for-one with 146W LED High Bays
• Instant On/Off
• Energy rate: ¥16/ kWh
• Running cost reduction: >70%
• Annual maintenance savings: 540,000 ¥/Year

Typical applications

• Warehouse
• Manufacturing
• Food Processing
• Cold Storage
• Canopy
• Gymnasium
• Conference centres
• Floodlighting

Switching to Dialight LED fixtures delivered significant operational benefits as well as cost savings to Japanese cardboard manufacturer.

Toppan Container is one of Japan’s leading cardboard manufacturers, working in partnership with many of the country ’s favourite brands to develop promotion, product development and quality assurance strategies. As an ISO14001 accredited company, Toppan is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Dialight DuroSite® LED High Bays are helping Toppan achieve its business and environmental objectives at its Saitama cardboard manufacturing facility.

The Challenge

At its Saitama plant, Toppan stores and manufactures the cardboard used in its packaging products. As well as being inefficient, the existing mercury vapour lighting posed several operational problems for Toppan. The long re-strike time meant that the lighting had to be left on all the time the premises were occupied, wasting considerable amounts of energy. An average bulb lifespan of just 1.3 years meant production was regularly disturbed by having to remove stock and dismantle shelving to replace blown fittings.

In the summer months, insects drawn into the factory by UV light from the mercury lamps presented an area of concern during the manufacture of packaging. Consideration of the potential for UV light to cause colour fading in finished packaging awaiting shipment was also required.

The Solution

LED lighting was an obvious solution to many of the problems faced by Toppan, so the company began an exhaustive evaluation of products from both domestic and foreign suppliers before deciding on Dialight DuroSite High Bays, supplied by Seiwa Optical Manufacturing Co. Ltd, as its preferred solution. With over 100,000 units installed around the world, Dialight’s LED High Bays have a well-established and proven reputation for high-quality construction and reliability – an important assurance for Toppan. Simulations and factory trials demonstrated the superior performance of the Dialight product, delivering a noticeably wider and more even light distribution than its rivals.

The Result

Seiwa Optical replaced a total of 74 250W mercury lamps one-for-one with 146W Durosite High Bay fixtures with the minimum of disruption. The results from the first phase have been dramatic, with an immediate large reduction of power consumption achieved. Toppan’s initial assessment of the payback period has proven to be overly conservative due to further rises in energy costs, meaning its investment will have been recovered well-ahead of schedule. Maintenance has been reduced to almost zero, allowing production to continue uninterrupted. Despite greatly reduced power consumption, lighting levels have improved dramatically. Worker ’s pre-installation concerns about light quality have been completely allayed, with many commenting on the daylight-like light quality making product picking much easier. Better light quality means there is less chance of mistakes in reading labels, and working efficiency has been greatly improved as a result. The instant-on capability means that it is now possible to turn off lighting when not required.

Dialight LED fixtures produce no UV light, and so the risk of light damage to finished products is now negligible. With fewer insects being attracted into the factory, it has become easier to prevent pests finding their way into the production and storage areas.


A review carried out by Toppan’s Main Production Technology Division has judged the installation of DuroSite LED High Bays to have been a great success. A spokesman for Toppan Container commented, “We realised the importance of choosing a supplier with specialist experience in providing lighting solutions in working environments. We operate a busy facility here - the Dialight solution has proved equally effective in both storage and high-traffic areas of the factory, and we are very pleased with the results.

About Dialight

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