Project location - Oxigen, Dublin, Ireland
Waste and recycling facility reduces lighting energy consumption and cost by 68% using LEDs


The Challenge

Visibility in the recycling shed was extremely poor, as no natural light entered the building and the installed 400W metal halides operating
24/6 were rapidly deteriorating. Over 50% of them had failed and the remainder had discoloured, but the positioning of the machinery and
height of the shed meant that the bulbs were not easily replaceable. With heavy machinery being operated and the resulting debris from this further reducing visibility, the workers had to rely on the headlamps from the loaders, so safety in the shed was a concern. Oxigen recognised the drain on resource the halides were causing and set out to find a more efficient lighting technology.

The Solution

On the advice of Commercial Energy Solutions, Oxigen replaced the 24 x 400W halides one-for-one with Dialight’s ultra energy efficient
DuroSite® 150W LED high bays. The units offer a 5 year warranty, 100,000 hours lifespan and superior durability, which together have removed the maintenance concerns. The visibility has improved dramatically with the lux levels being 3 times brighter and the colour rendition index now greater than 70. As a result the workers can now see clearly and productivity has improved, making a safer, cleaner and more sustainable workplace.