The company

Dialight is a world leader in applied LED technology for industrial, commercial and hazardous areas and no.1 in traffic lights. We have specialised in LED technology for 40 years and the reliability of our products is demonstrated by millions of our units installed in demanding applications over the last 15 years.

With over 1100 employees worldwide we design and manufacture to ISO standard in the UK and North America and all our hazardous and industrial LED lighting products carry our unconditional, continuous performance warranty. This is backed by our €140 million UK-based publicly traded and profitable company, so ours is a warranty you can rely on.

More than 250,000 of our new generation SafeSite® and DuroSite® LED white lighting fixtures have been installed worldwide since their launch in 2009, so we have a fast-growing global base of international customers who can testify to their high performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

Dialight plc is headquartered in the UK with operations in the USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Mexico. Our rapidly expanding Middle East office is based in UAE and has operated since December 2010.

LED lighting – the facts
Energy efficiency

LED lighting offers the highest energy savings of any lighting source on the market and we’ve plenty of real-life examples to prove it. Typically the replacement of 400W conventional HID light sources with our 150W LED High Bays will deliver immediate energy savings of 60+%. If the LEDs are combined with dimming and proximity sensors these savings are even higher. The result is that the lights end up paying for themselves several times over in their lifetime. Read some real-life case studies about energy savings and payback periods that have been achieved with our LED lighting >>> More

Or why not try our online calculator to find out just how much energy and operating cost you could save by fitting LED lighting.

Reduced maintenance

Industrial lighting is costly to operate and a major drain on maintenance resources for most organisations. As a plant manager in an industrial environment, especially offshore or in a hazardous area such as a refinery or petrochemical plant, you may be entrusting your lighting maintenance to a highly paid electrician and regularly incurring the additional need for hot permits, gas detectors, specialist rope or scissor lift access, safety officers and more.

With its exceptionally long lifespan our LED lighting can ensure that you vastly reduce your maintenance burden. Dialight LED lighting is rated L70 for 100,000 hours, meaning that it will still be producing 70% of its original lumen output at the end of this period of operation. There will be no burnout or end-of-life failure and no need to open the fixture during its lifetime; instead the output just gradually fades over time, allowing you to anticipate and plan maintenance on a much reduced scale.

All our LED fittings carry a five-year continuous performance warranty on the complete fixture as standard with a ten-year warranty option also available. As they can be expected to last ten years or more, your maintenance really can be vastly reduced or eliminated with our LED lighting solutions.


Switching to energy efficient LED lighting is one of the simplest and most immediate ways your organisation can cut its CO2 emissions to protect the environment and be seen to support sustainability in its operation.

Our LEDs typically use one third of the energy of alternative light sources, such as high pressure sodium or metal halide, so while you cut your energy bills by two thirds, your carbon emissions drop by the same amount.

On average by replacing 100 HID high bays with 100 Dialight DuroSite LED High Bays you can reduce CO2 emissions by 125 tons per annum (12/7 operation). And as LED light fixtures are mercury-free and contain no hazardous materials, they are environmentally safe and recyclable, so LED lighting is undeniably the sustainable choice.

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